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California Agrihoods

Original Blog by Jesamine D. via The Code Solution

When people think of California, some often think of celebrities, hipsters, Hollywood, the beach, the traffic and all the vegan yoga teachers that fill the city. While many of these stereotypes may be true, California serves as one of the leading environmentally-friendly states in the nation. A prime example is the rise of local Agrihoods.

Farm to Table Freshness

Though California has a green thumb, the state is taking another step up. To accommodate the housing crisis, as well as serve the environment, developers have established agricultural neighborhoods, or “Agrihoods.” These communities bring together farmland and housing, allowing residents to achieve farm fresh food just steps away from their home.

Luxurious Walden Monterey

A new, luxury Agrihood community called Walden Monterey hopes to attract nearby Silicon Valley residents. Each home in this 22 lot Agrihood will cost around $5 million and provide 20 acres of land. Walden Monterey hopes to attract these wealthy Silicon Valley locals for a peaceful transition when coming home from staring at a computer screen all day. Nick Jekogian, the site’s developer, initially thought of taking the land and creating a golf course. After spending the night in a tent on the land, his motive changed. What were tracks for golf carts, will now be used for dog parks and amenities. Golf posts will be turned into homes and acres of potential room for farmland. This is to provide those with a farm-to-table diet.

Millennial Investors

By combining the amenities of rural farming and modern living, millennials have been fleeing to these Agrihoods. The Ranch at Rancho Mission Viejo, however, is attracting these hipster millennials. Developers initially hoped to create a vibrant and creative way to bring together an engaging community. Since millennials contribute a large percent to today’s new homebuyers, this Agrihood in particular seems to serve all interest. Once completed, the Agrihood will provide 6,000 acres of homes, as well as over 17,000 acres full of natural habitat reserve.

Agrihoods Across the U.S.

While California is no stranger to community gardens, urban agriculture or co-housing, other states have been taking action as well.

    Serenbe, an agrihood in Atlanta, has accommodated locals with a lush community. The natural setting of Serenbe offers green wetland, watershed areas, as well as sloping hills that border the community. The Agrihood offers 1,000 acres of housing, farmland, is 30 minutes from the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and even includes 3 on-site restaurants.

    • Another great example is Vermont’s own South Village. The 4-acre organic farm sets apart from other communities as it also provides its own carbon-free electricity. This is done by utilizing a 528-panel photovoltaic solar array. In addition, South Village residents can cycle across the designated pathways, go cross-country skiing and browse through the community gardens.

    •Lastly, we come across the South Shore of Kaua’i. Here, we find the agrihood of Kukui’ula. This Hawaiian paradise stretches over 20 acres and sits beside a peaceful lake. Here, locals can dig into their roots by cultivating bananas, papayas, chard, citrus, herbs, pineapple, arugula and much more!

Original Blog by Jesamine D. via The Code Solution
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