Autonomous Parking Comes to Los Angeles

Autonomous Parking Comes to Los Angeles

With almost 4 million people crammed into a city, space is running out. This is true for many things – especially with things like trying to find an apartment to move into, navigate through traffic, or even worse, trying to find a parking space in Los Angeles. With the need for designated parking on the ride, The Automated Parking Solution (TAPS) has a solution – autonomous parking.

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Automated Parking

As time goes on, our world also becomes more and more technologically advanced. While there may be some downfalls to this, technology also provides us with greater advantages. One of technology’s most useful gifts is automated parking. The purpose is all in the name, automated parking, meaning you don’t have to stress about having to find a spot to park your car in. Instead, imagine an enormous vending machine that eats and dispenses automobiles.

Benefits of Automated Parking

By providing automated parking solutions to Los Angeles, we are providing an opportunity for our community to become better. Los Angeles itself was designed in the olden days, making things like navigating through roads, streets or old freeways, a headache. Having automated parking not only provides for more room for development opportunities, but also to relieve stress for many Angelino’s who hate looking for parking. We hope to embrace Los Angeles with automated parking structures, while hoping to inspire others to do so for their community, as well.

West Hollywood Takes Action

Though the electronic trend seems rather new, an automated parking structure is already up and running in Los Angeles. West Hollywood’s city hall is a prime example. The structure was originally presented with a challenge – create a parking structure that won’t add onto West Hollywood’s already busy traffic flow and provide 200 spots. Before Unitronics’ robots whisked away drivers cars with robotic arms, the previous parking structure was under-parked by two-thirds of its requirement, forcing employees to park in nearby parking structures. The City of West Hollywood was not only able to achieve a parking structure with the needed capacity, but also received city incentives including lower construction costs. The city also benefits from removing any potential for human error.

Helms Bakery

For a mom and pop shop that opened in 1931, Helms Bakery is taking the next big step – automated parking. Many Angelino’s are quite familiar with Helms. The enormous bakery stretches all throughout Hutchinson and Venice Blvd., making it hard to miss. With such a high volume of customers, Helms needed to prepare for the future accommodation of customers, automated parking is the first step. On March 10, 2017, Helms unveiled its automated parking structure to the public, making it clear the longtime bakery is here to stay. With over 4 levels of automated parking availability, Helms and AUTOParkIt™ have been leaving the public eye in awe ever since.

The Automated Parking Solution (TAPS)

TAPS is an automated parking company that was created by real estate developers and land-use professionals. These individuals were consistently running into problems when it came to Los Angeles, developing projects and parking, thus prompting the individuals to devise a solution. Instead of wasting valuable space and time on standard parking lots, TAPS provides consulting, design, installation and maintenance of automated parking structures.

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