Our Story

TAPS is a company that was born out of necessity. Our founders are seasoned real estate developers and land-use professionals who were encountering a real problem in their field time and time again. Parking requirements were severely limiting the development potential of properties around Los Angeles and valuable space was being wasted on vehicle storage! Not only was this creating a burden for their clients in terms of cost, but it was also detrimental to the goals of the City of Los Angeles in terms of providing housing and commercial space for the growing population. Being aware that a better system already existed in many of the urbanized European and Asian countries, our founders chose to bring these practical solutions to their home base and provide a service that is desperately needed in our car-centric metropolis.

Our Approch

Our goal on each project is to obtain the highest and best use from each and every parcel of land that we encounter. By reducing the square footage devoted to vehicle storage, we can help property owners and developers do more to provide the land uses that are truly necessary in our urban spaces that are becoming increasingly more dense. With automation, we can drastically reduce the space requirements that are needed for overhead clearance, ramps, and turning radiuses in self-park garages. This allows you to park the same amount of vehicles in a much smaller building footprint, leaving more square footage available for the important aspects of your project.