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-The TAPS team

When Parking in Los Angeles...

30% of City Traffic is caused by drivers circling the block looking for parking

5.5 billion miles are driven yearly looking for parking

270 million gallons of gas ($810 million) are wasted

4.2 million tons of CO2 emission into air

* Based on information provided by UCLA, IBM, and the Journal of the American Planning Association

We are here to solve your parking problems.


When it comes to finding a parking solution, our unique puzzle system helps relieve the stress. By including multi-level options, indoor/outdoor installation, and a speedy retrieval time of 120 seconds, automated parking is a clear choice.


For those who are looking to build up to 25 levels, the Tower system can best accommodate this feature. Structures with this element will include an elevator, electric charging stations (patent pending) and much more.


Flat, bi-directional systems are a key role when improving parking conditions. This is especially true when developing larger-scale projects. Using bi-directional systems allows for up to 7 levels of parking, an addition of a main lift (elevator), high density and much more.


Our Experience

Prices range depending on number of parking stalls and site conditions. On average puzzle systems are $12-$16K and fully automatic systems are $22-$29K

28+ years of manufacturing/ operational experiences

Highly reliable and ASTM standards and UL listed parts

Automated parking comes with three year warranty

Unmanned Electric Vehicle Charging – Remote charging at the stall. Pat. Pending (No. 15/655862)
Optional Magnetic Levitation Pallet – Minimal noise level and less friction (PP No. 62656966)
Auto Spatel – Automatically washes the car inside the automared parking facility (PP No. 62544732)

System selection flexibility with tailor-designed manufactured to fit project needs

Consulting - (90%)
Design - (95%)
Installation - (95%)
Maintenance - (90%)
Overall Experience - (92.5%)